A downloadable VIsual Novel for Windows and macOS

PATCH 1.0:
Edited bug where Josie would not be able to chat after the player completed the memory card game.
Changed position of Lily when transitioning between customers to avoid jumping image

Welcome to the Cafe Crush Demo. This is now a public demo.

Thanks for your support and for checking out the demo of Cafe Crush.

Just to clarify, this short demo does not reflect the final game, since this was released the GUI has changed quite a lot and the dialogue you see in this demo is scripted specifically for this and not all of it appears in the game, plus this demo is only partially voiced whereas the game is fully voiced.

I would greatly appreciate feedback on the general gameplay and any glitches you may find. Thanks again for checking out my demo!

Install instructions

Download the zip file for your platform (available in Windows or Mac), extract the archive and launch the game from the folder.


CafeCrushDemo-1.1-pc.zip 153 MB
CafeCrushDemo-1.1-mac.zip 136 MB


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If anyone wants to leave feedback about the actual demo and if they have any improvment ideas etc. please feel free to comment here. It will help me in my development process and I want to be able to provide a quality product so consumer feedback is vital to me. Thank you and enjoy the demo!

Isure will im glad the progress your making is going well can't wait to play this. Also i will keep improvement ideas in mind if something comes up. Also any bugs i should know about?

Thank you for your comment! As far as I am aware the first patch fixed any bugs, no-one else has come back to me with anything. It's a very short demo, really just to get a feel of the game play.

I understand and don't worry i will.